Five funny things people are doing while quarantined

Trapped at Home by the Coronavirus, People Turn to Livestreaming ...

By: Abigail Calandra| Head Editor

April 17, 2020

As redundant as the word “unprecedented” sounds right now, these are truly unprecedented times. Sitting at home watching Netflix is easy for everyone and most people enjoy it, but now that people are forced to be lazy, it’s becoming tired. Here are  5 funny, and probably stupid, things people are doing to take the edge off while quarantined:

  1. Jack Black made a TikTok
Jack Black Joins TikTok With Hilarious 30-Second Quarantine Dance ...
Jack Black shows off his #stayhomedance (By: Kerrang!)

There’s nothing funnier (or weirder) than the man who played Kung Fu Panda freestyling in nothing but gym shorts, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. His dancing is sub-par to say the least, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Black’s #stayhomedance has been viewed over two million times. We can only hope his message gains traction and not his outfit choice. 

2. Queen Elizabeth’s dress became a green screen

The Queen is mocked up to wear the Sex Pistol's iconic imagery featuring her face
The monarch wearing a Sex Pistols shirt (By: The Sun)

  During the monarch’s televised speech on April 5 she made the mistake of wearing a green dress. Viewers quickly realized that her dress could be used as a green screen. This resulted to hundreds of hilarious outfits being photoshopped onto the Queen, including a Star Trek uniform and a Sex Pistols T-shirt. 

3. Falling down the stairs challenge

The falling down the stairs challenge (By: TikTok)

There are thousands of ridiculous challenges dominating social media at the moment, but this TikTok challenge takes the cake for being the dumbest by far. Even though it’s funny it’s not that impressive– people do it by accident every day. If more people decide to take on this strange challenge, including their grandma is not a good idea. 

4. Girls everywhere are cutting bangs

Woman instantly REGRETS her method of cutting fringe in funny ...
Girl cuts her own bangs and regrets it (By: Daily Express)

I thought it was common knowledge that cutting one’s own bangs was a bad idea. Girls everywhere are picking up scissors and trying new looks. For those who can pull off the look, they’re the lucky ones. And for those who made a terrible mistake, at least they have some time for their hair to grow out before anyone sees them again.

5. Arnold Swarzenegger at home with his donkey and miniature pony

Internet gets creative to encourage social distancing - CNN Video
Swarzenegger at home with his two pets (By: CNN)

Only Arnold Swarzenegger can do this and make it cool. In a video on Instagram, Swarzenegger offers some encouragement, and tells his viewers to “ignore the morons” while feeding carrots to his pet donkey and miniature pony. Swarzeneger’s two pets Whisky and Lulu are absolutely adorable, it’s probably the strangest, heartwarming post on Instagram. 

As staying inside is becoming more difficult, we should be thankful for the people who are working to keep morale high. But most importantly be thankful for the nurses and doctors who are on the frontlines so life can go back to normal soon.

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