America is following Poland

WHY THE DEBATE? Equality is needed globally. Photo courtesy of GettyImages

By Brooklyn Staab | Publicity Manager  

November 1, 2020

Just ten days before the election, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed in a 52-48 vote. For the first time in American history, no senators from the opposing party voted for the judge in trial. In fact, only one Republican, Senator Susan Collins of Maine, voted against Barrett. 

“The Supreme Court was designed to be a nonpartisan position and a form of checks and balances for the American government. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has become increasingly politicized, and both parties have the blame,” English teacher Mrs. Bennett said. 

Consisting of six right-leaning Justices and three left-leaning Justices, the Supreme Court has swung to a conservative majority. Barrett wishes to “build a nation of God,” and even “end separation of church and state.” Although this appeals to Catholic teachings in some ways, our country was founded on the idea of separation of church and state. Being an American means supporting laws that do not discriminate against any religion, yet so many self-proclaimed “patriots” support Barrett’s confirmation. 

SHE CAN’T STATE THE FIRST AMENDMENT, but Barrett proudly holds up a blank page of paper at her hearing. Photo courtesy of FoxNews

Many Americans are stumped on how Barrett was confirmed when she could not even state the first amendment and believes “abortion is punishable by death.” Her biased viewpoints are threatening this country and every single minority in it. Amy Coney Barrett will vote against women, LGBTQ+ community members, and people of color. Her “traditional” views are merely an excuse for her homophobia, internalized misogyny, and racism- similar to President Trump. 

At a pivotal time in which women’s reproductive rights are being threatened, Barrett was not the right choice for this job. Despite Roe vs. Wade stating abortion is a constitutional right, there are 17 abortion-related cases that have a chance of stepping into the Supreme Court. 

“I am terrified of future rights not only for myself but for other citizens…she threatens human rights that should be universal and not limited,” junior Nicole De Santos said. 

Already one step ahead of (or rather, behind) us, Poland has stripped women of their own reproductive rights. As of October 28th, 2020, the only legal cases of abortion in Poland are when rape or incest occurs, when the woman’s life or health is at risk, and when the fetus is irreparably damaged. In response, women have been protesting against these laws in Poland ever since the law was passed.  

A PROTEST FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS: Citizens of Poland are outraged. Photo courtesy of the New York Times

“Bodily autonomy is a right that must be granted to all women, and it is tragic to see it taken away from anyone…banning abortion will never stop abortion because when a woman is desperate, she will go to many extremes to end her pregnancy, which can end up threatening her own life,” senior Megan Moe said.   

No country should have the power to take reproductive rights away from any gender. The fact that women’s rights are constantly being debated is frustrating, let alone the fact that most of the debate is done by men.

“Today’s judgment puts the health and lives of women in Poland at great risk and violates Poland’s obligations under international human rights treaties to refrain from retrogressive measures that roll-back women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health care,” Regional Director for Europe at the Center for Reproductive Rights, Leah Hoctor, said in response to Poland’s new laws against women.  

Poland serves as a mirror image of what America’s future could be if the Trump administration and his SCOTUS nominees determine our future: a return to coal, discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, and the obstruction of women’s reproductive rights. The direction America is heading is dangerous and unjust. It is imperative that American citizens do not allow a biased Supreme Court to make decisions against other American citizens.  

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