Best thrift store to spend hours in: La Tienda

SECOND-HAND FUN: La Tienda Thrift Store is a staple establishment in San Clemente with treasures just waiting to be found Clara Helm/Triton Times

Clara Helm | Head Editor

March 12, 2021

As well as being good for the environment and your wallet, thrift shopping can be a great day outing with your friends. Thrifting at La Tienda is the favorite thrift store experience for students at SCHS. Digging through racks and shelves with the possibility of finding something really awesome just at your fingertips.

Grab your favorite record at La Tienda! Clara Helm/Triton Times

San Clemente has a plethora of residents that do yearly decluttering, and the best of the treasures up here! Finds range from cute dishes, knickknacks, art prints, and obviously the most popular –clothes. La Tienda is a store that never fails to bring a great shopping experience, whether it be for your next outfit or remodeling project. Located at 510 N El Camino Real, “La Tienda has great for furniture finds!” senior Alika Ting said. “I’ve gotten vintage bookshelves, lamps, and coffee tables here for a great price.”




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