Best burger for your vegan cheat meal: Biggie’s Burgers

Biggies Burgers and Shakes. Jack Hagen/Triton Times

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor

March 11, 2021

The burger is an American staple. Around San Clemente there are many places to find one at, but one in particular stands out— Biggie’s Burgers. “Biggie’s is my favorite place to go eat,” junior Asher Gardiner said. “Their burger, milkshake, and fries combo is truly the best.”

Located on the south side of San Clemente, at 1017 S El Camino Real, Biggie’s offers a range of burgers to the customer including the famous King Burger weighing in at 1/2 lb. of meat alone! However, not everything is as big; there are plenty of alternative options including a kid’s burger. Either way, if your looking to cheat on your diet, might as well make it worth your while and go on down to Biggie’s where you will find the best burger in town!

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