Best customer service: Chick-fil-a

Nothing is better than Chick-fil-a San Clemente! Photo by Grace Perry

Grace Parry | Writer

San Clemente has plenty of restaurants and, along with that, many with great customer service. It was decided that Starbucks Pico, Zebra House Coffee, Chick-fil-a, and Nick’s were the top contenders for best customer service, with Chick-fil-a winning overall.

“Customer service is really important to us,” Chick-fil-a employee Maggie Ortiz said. “It has always been one of the main things we try to focus on to create the best experience possible for our customers”, and it seems that many others agree with that sentiment.

Here is a link to their San Clemente website, you can find them at 141 Avenida Del Mar.

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