Casa Romantica Art Show

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By, Jasmine Martinez | Writer   &   Abby McLean | Writer

May 7, 2015

On May 1st, Casa Romantica hosted their annual art show. The little spanish cottage by the sea was, as junior Dallin Moe described, “A beautiful place to showcase beautiful art.” The various types of entertainment mixed with the fact that this was the opening night made for an exciting time. With artwork from SCHS, as well as a couple local middle schools, this was an event for all ages. Whether you’re interested in drawing, painting, photography, or ceramics, this show had something for everyone.

The ceramics category had pieces such as knee bowls, mugs, and plates. The knee bowls were my personal favorite. They got this name because students were required to use there knees to shape them. The 3rd place award for ceramics went to senior Kat Bentzen, for her marvelous jellyfish creation. Everyone else did an amazing job on their pieces as well using various textures and colors. Some other awards in this catagory went to Alexis Luna-1st place, and Jake Lenz-2nd place.

Photography students also got a chance to have their art displayed in the gallery. The photography displayed at Casa Romantica ranged from architecture to portraits to street photography. You can tell the students really put all their time and energy into their art work. I believe that the architecture photography was the strongest of all the photography categories. Many of these pictures were unique in their own way and some did not even look like they belonged or were part of a building. The winners of the photography section from first to third place were, Cortni Chantry, Hunter Clark, and Bill Whitaker. All of the photos shown truly reflected the many personalities of the students, which is what made them so inspirational.

Lastly for the High School students art was Drawing/Painting. This section included pieces such as still lifes, portraits, shoes, and buildings. They all displayed incredible talent in this section. One of my personal favorites were the buildings, where students put there own spin on their pieces by adding things like unnatural colors and exhibiting a creativity that just cannot be taught in the classroom. Aside from the in-class assignments, there were also some amazing pieces done by the advanced students. The winners in this catagory include Allie May- 1st place, Dallin Moe- 2nd place, and Jacob Williams- 3rd place. When asked about his amazing art work, Jacob replied, “Art is just lines.”

Although not everybody won an award, everyone displayed exceptional talent with their artwork, as well as creativity and individuality. The show was a great success thanks to the teachers who took hours out of their own time to put it together, and of course to the students who made it all possible. I look forward to going to the show again next year.

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