“A touch of Disney:” A Disneyland event!

Jason Watkins | Writer

April 23, 2021

In the improving stages of the pandemic, Disneyland has been constantly hosting events to bring the park lovers back to the place they love most. March 18th through April 19, the Disney cooperation is reimagining the tastes, flavors and smells within California Adventure Park. This event, “A touch of Disney” is a limited time experience with a $75 admission fee, which includes a $25 food and beverage bonus card and all access to Disneyland Adventure Park (excluding rides).This event is targeted for guests to shop and dine at numerous restaurants and food stands while enjoying the atmosphere around them. It

A Strawberry “tropicool” from Rita’s beverage bar! Jason Watkins | Photographer

is not required for those wanting to enter this event to have a Disneyland annual pass, so those new to the park can experience the magic for a reasonable price! 


This event does not only consist of the normal restaurants within the park, they have created a variety of food stands with food that can satisfy any taste bud. It ventures from a fried filet, to an impossible hamburger mac and cheese (vegan). “Why go to Disneyland if you can’t go on the rides” Senior Stolie Erikson said “It seems like a waste of money”


 What is so special about this event is that to park lovers, the magic is back. Those who have suffered through this pandemic now have a great opportunity to touch base with the happiest place on earth for a mouth watering

Mini meatball sub at Classic New York food stand! Photo by Jason Watkins | Photographer

experience. “I was so happy to step foot back into the park after so long!” Senior Makena Viera said, “Thank god I was able to get my hands on one of the iconic Disneyland churros!” On the downside, Disneyland Park has remained closed since the start of the pandemic and those participating in “A Touch of Disney” will not be able to enter. But this wait is short lived because full access to the park begins on April 30th! 

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