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VOLUNTEERS DONATE AND PACKAGE food and supplies for Ukraine. People in Need

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March 18, 2022

Ukraine is in trouble – the war with Russia has been, to say the least, demanding of the Ukrainian military and the citizens. Along with a large food shortage, Ukrainians have faced a low supply of common utility items, medication and sanitation devices, clean drinking water, and more. 

Although we are thousands of miles away from Ukraine, almost anyone can lend support during this unfortunate time, whether that be through donations, openly showing respect and support of Ukrainians, or participating in local drives for supplies.

“I went to help load U-Haul trucks with supplies for Ukraine with a bunch of other families from my church,” sophomore Charlotte Harris said. “We loaded backpacks, diapers, blankets, water, first aid bags, clothes, food, school supplies, shoes, and more. It was really cool to see everyone come together to support people we don’t even know, but just knew they needed help.” 

Here are a few simple ways to help:

One of the best and easiest ways to support Ukraine is by donating money to appropriate online organizations. One of those organizations is People in Need, a company that provides humanitarian aid to the civilians, such as emergency shelter, packages of food, drinking water, hygiene items, and coal for heating. 

Save the Children is a company that strives to meet the needs of affected children and their families in Ukraine. It provides water, food, cash transfers, and safe places for children under brutal circumstances or unfortunate weather conditions, as well as other available resources for children to receive support. 

The International Medical Corps prepares soldiers on the front lines with supplies, along with providing emergency health care and psychological support services for civilians. This agency also prioritizes COVID-19 awareness and prevention services, so Ukraine civilians can continue to stay safe from the pandemic during this time of disorder. 

Joining or starting a peaceful protest is another way to support Ukraine. This can help to remind people in other nations, including Russia, that we stand with Ukraine and are against Putin’s Invasion. 

Protests and other marches have already started in other areas, including other countries like Georgia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, and more. In Berlin, Germany, the nation’s capital, over 100,000 people gathered in the streets to support Ukraine. Nationally, protests in Washington D.C. and rallies in San Francisco openly declared their support.  

CALAKIDS BOUTIQUE collects 5,000 pounds worth of supplies to be shipped to Ukraine. Calakids Boutique

Small acts of help and understanding are also important during this time. Sophomore Nicole Rod explained how she and her family showed their support and appreciation for the Ukrainian people: “I have relatives in Ukraine that we talk to a lot,” she said. “We make sure to tell them that we are on their side and support them and hope that everything is going well.”

Finally, a more hands-on way for you to help is by giving supplies to other organizations collecting physical items to ship off to Ukraine. One of the larger drives is the Help Ukraine Now San Diego located in San Diego, run by a graduate student of High Tech Graduate School. This student is helping to collect food, clothing, medical supplies, and additional funds. 

There are also private businesses running their own drives and collecting items like blankets, medical supplies, etc, such as Calakids boutique in Calabasas, California, and Europeans Delights in Laguna Beach. 

It is important for people around the world to aid Ukraine in any way possible during this difficult time. Remember, every thought and donation matters.

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