Club Rush – Highlights

STUDENTS GATHERING: San Clemente High School hosts annual club rush. SCHS/Amanda Tolosa

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor & Anthony Wu | Head Editor

September 2nd, 2022

In the midst of a bustling Tuesday afternoon, swarms of students gathered in front of the library in a school-wide event, known as Club Rush, to join and find new clubs. Hosted by ASB once a semester, Club Rush enjoys participation from a wide array of students within San Clemente High. 

From freshmen looking for a community to be a part of to Seniors starting up their own, clubs are an opportunity for students to connect based on their common interests and hobbies. With the participation of over ninety clubs on campus for hobbies, sports, community service, debate, and many more, anybody can find their group of people.

CREATIVE SIGNS: Best Buddies broadcasts goodwill during club rush. ASB/Amanda Tolosa

Best Buddies, one of the longest-standing clubs at SCHS, prides itself in establishing friendships and a more inclusive environment for all, especially for special needs students. “Every year Best Buddies [gets] over 300 signups,” said club president Sisi Seefeldt, easily becoming one of the most popular clubs on campus. “Due to the high amount of sign-ups the only issue was getting everyone on the remind,” she continued. Not a bad problem if you ask me.

Her club hosts a ton of special events and activities in the spirit of friendship, and their heartwarming kindness has enabled them to thrive year after year. “In one of the biggest events of the year, Best Buddies’ talent show is filled with extensive amounts of participation and involvement,” she added. “The buddies truly let their inner star shine when they get up on that stage, which warms the heart of all who get to see them”

In an intriguing development, two Pickleball clubs emerged this year, one created by Cash Wilhite and the other by Preston Lynch. With competition hanging in the air, both sides faced serious challenges. “It definitely made it difficult,” Cash said. “I would hear people walk past and say ‘oh we already signed up,’ but they signed up for Preston’s.” 

Perhaps diplomacy will be the means to sort out their differences, but the advent of two competing clubs will bring forth many unique opportunities for the pickleball community. “I had no idea about them until club rush happened,” Preston said. “I am actually excited because I think we are going to do tournaments against them.”

Speaking of unique developments, Junior ASB Rep. Sarah Ahmadi is also the president of three different clubs. She started WiSTEM+ last year, became President of UNICEF, and recently started Stay Fit. Speaking on WiSTEM+, Sarah’s goal is to “help women come out, embrace their intelligence, and be part of the small majority of women in STEM.” 

“By doing this, I hope more women get involved [in] making a difference to future generations,” she added.

If you missed out, don’t worry. Nearly all clubs welcome late sign-ups, and you can find the list on the school’s website. Make sure you’re checking your Reminds, attending club meetings, and getting involved with the community, Tritons!


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