Beloved Mr. Bailey takes on new role as assistant principal

MR. BAILEY: sits at his desk patiently waiting for his day to start! Gracie Reynolds

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

September 16, 2022

San Clemente High School is a welcoming place where the motto “One Town One Team” means much more than that.

Last year, on March 25, we all lived through the devastating news that Mr. Lovett passed away suddenly. We all heard about it from a little email sent out on Canvas that morning and as time passed, Mr. Bailey, one of the many teachers at our school, stepped up and did the impossible task of taking over for our beloved Mr. Lovett. Mr. Bailey’s courage and strength in taking the position really showed the community how important he is to our school and the students’ everyday lives.

INVOLVED ON THE CAMPUS: Mr. Bailey makes sure each student is getting to class on time.

“My goal in education is to support and partner with those I work with,” assistant principal Mr. Bailey said. “I also try to always have a mindset of ownership.”

Mr. Bailey was already an outstanding leader from being in the teaching environment for over 25 years so taking on the role of assistant principal was nothing quite new to him. When he was offered this opportunity he was more than happy to expand his role, but the time expectation was a little unexpected.

“I’m very busy–with all the added duties and responsibilities–it’s made me very aware of how I prioritize my time,” Mr. Bailey said. He balances his time between this new leadership role and his family, which includes his wife Becky, daughter Brooklyn (who is a current SCHS student), and his two sons Jake and Christian (former Tritons). 

When he’s not at home, and he’s back at the high school, Mr. Bailey works tirelessly with a smile on his face, as he always encourages students to do their best. Which is nothing different from when he was a teacher and would try to inspire students to work hard and never give up.

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