Easing the Transition

san-clemente-pierBy Saffron Sener | News Editor

September 3, 2015

For most anyone, a feeling of dread had set in as soon as the new school year began. Memories of summer and its adventures are still fresh in our minds, leading to a sense of sadness within students and staff.

Daydreaming and wishful thinking during class is something most people relate with. This, however, can lead to missing important information and the information being taught. Being attentive in class is necessary for understanding and a good grade, and, unfortunately, the yearning for summer counteracts one’s concentration. There are many ways to avoid this problem.

I have created a small list of four ways to ease the transition from summer to school. In order to reminisce in class while still being a participating component, it is recommend to follow these suggestions.

  1. Put pictures from your summer in your binder or other school supplies.

With small mementos such as photos, you can easily be reminded of the great memories you had during summer break, yet not be distracted enough to miss class. By quickly glancing at a picture of you and your friends or your favorite vacation spot, you can quickly be transported back to that moment. However, because you were not imagining the moment from scratch, rather being assisted by photo, you will be more likely to snap back to reality and pay attention in class.

  1. Pack or wear an item that brings you happiness.

Whether it is a piece of jewelry or a favorite pen, by having an item that makes you feel more comfortable you are more likely to be attentive in class, because that item brings comfort and can help ward off feelings of sadness or yearn. With that item, you can have an entire memory with you at all times.

  1. If your schedule allows, allot yourself a little time each day to do something you love.

By having the knowledge that you will be doing an activity that means something to you, you will be more likely to pay attention in class. Due to the fact that you know that in the soon future that you’ll be doing something of your choice and passion, you will feel more content and excited to participate in class.

  1. If you find yourself dozing off, find something in what you’re learning that interest you.

Stopping yourself from daydreaming or losing attention leads to a better understanding of what you are being taught. By fixating on something in the lesson that interests you personally, you will be more likely to pay attention to its entirety.

With the understanding that every transition such as this is difficult, little tips such as the ones above can prove to help painlessly change from one way of life to another. Having an education is a privilege, and although it can seem to be overwhelming and difficult, by active participation and listening in class, everyone can succeed.

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