Saffron Sener – Editor in Chief (2013-17)

Hello! My name is Saffron Sener and I am a senior here at SCHS. I have been a part of Newspaper since my freshman year, starting in the club and joining the class as an editor in the second semester of my sophomore year, and I am so excited to be the Editor in Chief this year! I have loved to write since I was young; my favorite things to create included short stories, news articles, and magazines. Also a member of this school’s Theatre Arts program, a skater for the OCRG, an Orange County Roller Derby league, a member of the school’s A Cappella Choir, and the creator of the Thumper zine, my being on Newspaper fit right into my extracurriculars. Since being in this program, I have discovered a special adoration for journalism, and now plan on becoming a journalist in the future, hoping to one day work for National Geographic. I cannot wait for the year to come, and hope that I can help improve this program in terms of leadership, organization, and quality. To read more articles by me, please click the links below!


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