Mixed feelings over the homecoming dance

HOMECOMING MUSIC: Keeping everyone excited and ready to dance the DJ has to play a variety of music. Thimble 

Sienna Taus | Writer

October 28, 2022

San Clemente High School’s annual Homecoming dance took place on Saturday, October 22nd, and lasted a total of 2½ hours. The dance was located on the stadium practice field, filled with divots creating uneven ground. This year’s theme, arcade, produced difficult class themes to follow for the homecoming football game. School spirit is always at a high at San Clemente, whether that means supporting sports or dressing up for spirit week. The ticket prices for the dance ranged from $50 to $80 unless students owned an abyss card because all dances are covered with the abyss package. There were a variety of different experiences and opinions of the dance. 

Senior Andy Richards said, “[he] really enjoyed homecoming this year” and mentions his “favorite part of the night was when the DJ played the techno rave music” giving “[his] friends and [him] the chance to act like idiots.” A lot of people had a good time enjoying their friends or date, the free food provided, as well as the opportunity to ride the carnival rides. “The cost of homecoming was definitely worth it…As a senior, it’s one of [his] last experiences to be a stupid high schooler, and feels the memory is priceless,” senior Andy Richards said. 

MOSH PITS: technically not allowed, however unavoidable with the students of SCHS. Alternative Press

Others did not share such high opinions of the dance and felt they did not get their money’s worth. Junior, Addie Flynn said, “[she] didn’t like the dance because it was painful to mosh” and felt we “should have indoor dances because [she] doesn’t like the dirt.” This dislike of the dirt was a common theme as junior, Mia Smith felt the dance “was not fun at all, as [she] fell in the mosh pits multiple times”. Mia also expressed her dislike towards the level of dust “as [she] has become sick the day after the dance the past two years.” Mia is not alone with the number of people who have become sick in the week following the dance, more and more people are coming down with a cold or fever. 

Most students would agree that the carnival rides and organization of the dance were beyond expectations. Although the disagreements at the entertainment level start when personal experience gets mixed into the conversation. As these experiences are different from person to person and will influence one’s overall opinion.

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