Are you ready for the 2022 San Clemente special election?


THREE SEATS, TEN CANDIDATES: List of city council candidates offers a preview into who your future council members may be. San Clemente Times

Aaron Velez | Editor-in-Chief & Anthony Wu | Head Editor

October 28, 2022

It’s that time again. Ballots are finding their way to mailboxes, TV commercials are plastered with campaign ads, and every suburban lawn seems to have a parade of signs advocating for one candidate or another.

While it is true that there are important mid-term elections on the statewide level like incumbent Gavin Newsom’s gubernatorial race and Brian Maryott’s congressional contest against Mike Levin, we will be focusing on the special elections occurring in our own city. In fact, the race for city council is poised to be very interesting, with San Clemente High School’s own Mark Enmeier having his name on the ballot.

“It’s super cool to see so many new people running. A lot of the candidates are dedicated to San Clemente and making it a city that can last,” said junior Sam Poteet.

MARK ENMEIER: Campaign sign for beloved SCHS teacher and politician. Dylan Backer

For some seniors, it is their first time taking part in the great institution that is the American voting process. “Honestly it’s crazy to me that I’m finally eligible to vote,” jested senior (and recent legal adult) Emma Fann. “I’m excited to be at the stage where my voice can be heard – especially in an election so near and dear to us.”

In fact, city council candidate Zhen Wu gave a few words he would like to share, specifically to upcoming seniors (listed below).


ZHEN WU: Campaign sign for SCHS student father and politician. Dylan Backer

What are some pieces of advice you have for aspiring community leaders currently in high school?

“There are so many ways that you can have positive impacts on the community: helping the disadvantaged, keeping our environment clean and sustainable, working together to say no to drugs, starting an intramural sports club, and so on. Be kind, have integrity, and make friends. A leader motivates people to work as a team for a common cause. Along the way you will learn all the operational skills. Stay out of raw politics… at least for now.”

What is your message to high school students who are eligible to vote in this special election?

“[p]lease register and vote. It’s your civic duty to participate in our democracy. If you haven’t
registered online, you can still go to vote centers to have same-day registration and vote. The
vote center at the Community Center (next to the public library) will open on 10/29. Also, please
be an informed voter. But if you are too busy to do your homework and just want someone else to choose for you for San Clemente City Council, vote for Wu, and perhaps Enmeier if he hasn’t upset you at school, then leave the rest blank…just kidding.”

In the name of neutrality, we at the Triton Times will not officially endorse one candidate over another in this election. However, we encourage those at SCHS who are eligible to exercise their fundamental rights by voting and hope that potential city councilman Wu’s words inspire them to do the same.

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