MSU jumping: A deeper dive into the situation

HISTORIC RIVALS: Jim Harbaugh (left) and Mel Tucker (right) at a fixture a few years back. FanSided

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor

November 4, 2022

This past Saturday the Michigan University Wolverines hosted the Michigan State Spartans otherwise known as MSU, in Ann Harbor. A college football rivalry like no other.  Historically both teams have always fought toe to toe until the final whilst anytime and anywhere they cross paths on the field. And like any college football rivalry, the tension eventually leads to brawls on the field. From a viewer’s perspective, we LOVE it, the passion shown by the players ignites a fire in us like no other. We feel a part of the team.

However, the word choices and actions of a few players on both teams lead to a very unnecessary “brawl” on the way into the locker room in the form of what is known as “jumping.” As of now, most things are speculation and it is unclear what was actually said by #1 Ja’Den McBurrows to have created the scuffle.

Not many videos have surfaced from inside the tunnel. The Detroit News

The link to the video can be found right here: The Detroit News

The following Tuesday, MSU announced the suspension of more players involved prior to the initial suspensions of junior Angelo Grose, sophomores Itayvion Brown and Khary Crump, and freshman Zion Young. The suspension was placed into effect immediately on several more players. In a joint statement from MSU Vice President & Director of Athletics Alan Haller and Head Football Coach Mel Tucker, “We are transparently working with law enforcement and the Big Ten Conference to evaluate additional facts and evidence surrounding the events in Ann Arbor. We will continue to take appropriate action in this matter as we learn more. The student-athlete suspensions will remain in place until the investigations are complete.”

In the video linked above, you are able to clearly see multiple Spartans grabbing, hitting, and throwing the sophomore McBurrows. Although it is difficult to see what damage was done the video filmed by The Detroit News was enough to create controversy around both Michigan sides.

In spite of the MSU players being the center of the controversy the choices from the Wolverines’ defensive back, Ja’Dan McBorrows should be questioned. Junior, Blake McAlpin claimed he “Doesn’t really know how he feels about it… I mean, jumping him (McBurrows) was definitely uncalled for, whatever happened or said in there but there’s always two sides to every story, and from some of the videos I’ve seen from right before entering the tunnel, makes me wonder what he said and why he needed to run in with opposing team.”

Maybe the time has come for Michigan University officials to have a conversation and make a decision about McBurrows actions and other players’ roles in inflicting such a situation. Sarah Ahmadi stated that “[e]veryone involved needs to accept their role in the situation and own up.” Ahmadi went along to say “I think if something or someone added fuel to the fire they should be held accountable for their actions and be ready to take upon the necessary consequences that are chosen.”

The Wolverines went on to win the game 29-7 to advance to an 8-0 record, while being ranked 5th in the CFP rankings. As for the Spartans, they continued to 3-5 and are currently and will almost certainly stay unranked in the CFP.

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