Are artificial sweeteners actually dangerous?



ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER: sweet’n low. Dylan Backer

Dylan Backer | Writer/Photographer

November 4, 2022

It is very popular to believe that anything labeled artificial is instantly bad for you. With most things займ на любую карту мгновенно , this way of thinking doesn’t always work. Before a company can put any artificial substance in its product, it must perform tests overseen by the FDA to prove it’s safe. This same process is used for the approval of prescription drugs.

SUGAR-FREE SODA: artificially sweetened. Dylan Backer

When junior Jamie Jeffers was asked if he thought artificial sweeteners should be used in the food he said. “ I don’t think artificial sweeteners should be used. I’ve heard they cause cancer”. In a study that led to FDA approval, there was no correlation between consuming artificial sweeteners and being at higher risk for cancer. However, this study was analysing the effects of a low dose of artificial sweetener. 

Junior Libby Torres said, “I trust them for the most part. However, I do believe that many people part of the older generation have a general distrust in artificial sweeteners.” This distrust could be caused by a misleading study in the 70s involving rats and the artificial sweetener saccharin. These rats were given 2600 milligrams of the sweetener. This is the amount that would be used to sweeten 13 cans of soda. A total of eight of eighty rats in the study developed bladder cancer. Taking into consideration that the typical person drinks less than 13 cans of soda a day the odds of getting cancer are low. Furthermore, that dose caused cancer in a rat which on the high end weighs one pound. The average weight for an adult male in the united states is roughly 200 times that. It would be logical to conclude that the dose to cause similar effects in a human would have to be much higher. Artificial sweeteners are found in so many drinks and foods today. Despite distrust in them by some people of the public, they are safe for everyday human consumption.

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