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Olivia Vergopia | Writer

December 9, 2022

The best time of year has finally arrived! Fun activities, seasonal flavors, and most importantly, delicious treats. There are many desserts to choose from during the holiday season, but here are some that you must make this year.

THE BEST Peppermint Brownie Brittle. Delish

First up is Peppermint Brownie Brittle. Everyone loves peppermint and brownies– why not mix them together? Not only do the flavors complement each other perfectly, but it is also extremely easy to make. It’s as simple as looking up any Brownie Brittle recipe and customizing it however you like.

Second, if you’re not a peppermint-lover, is Saltine Toffee Bark. It sounds unusual, but the sweet, salty, and buttery combination is to die for. You can add any topping on it as well– sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, sea salt– anything. While this recipe is a little bit more involved, it is definitely manageable and worth it.

Other students’ favorite treats during the holidays include items ranging from sweet to savory. Sophomore Isaiah Johnson said that “personally, I would choose the classic chocolate chip cookies and milk during the holidays. If I’m feeling up to it, I will add a Nesquik powder and ice to the milk.” 

On the savory side, senior Noah Johnson said “In my opinion, the best dessert during Christmas time is Christmas Chex Mix. It is mini pretzels topped with white chocolate drizzle and M&Ms, but I add anything I want. Best treat, no questions asked.”

What holiday treats will you be trying this winter season? 

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