The SCHS wifi is unrestricted and faster than ever!

TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM: Teachers today, including those at San Clemente High School, employ modern methods which require students to use technology daily. View Sonic

Amanda Dirpes | Writer

April 1, 2023

Since the global pandemic forced schools across the globe to adapt to isolated learning in an online environment, technology’s presence in classrooms has never been more prominent, and concurrently, the need for speedy wifi has increased*.

“I cannot remember the last time I sat in class and did not need to open my Chromebook. Class truly revolves around technology since our experience with at-home learning, so our fail-proof wifi is essential to academics nowadays,” senior Devin Robertson explained.

Luckily, San Clemente High School has addressed this need wonderfully! Students never struggle with internet connectivity while at school. Assignments are always submitted on time, as Canvas, the main platform used for academic communication, never crashes or makes submission failures.

Additionally, the wifi is completely unrestricted, allowing students to employ it at their liberty! Websites linked by teachers for instruction are never blocked and digital aspects of the classroom always run smoothly. Wonderful learning opportunities such as articles, videos, and online lab simulations are readily available at all times. Never frustrated, teachers can conduct lessons efficiently because of the generous provision of the school.

“I use PhET online lab situations often in AP environmental science, and in past years in chemistry and biology. This platform loads even more quickly at school than at home sometimes! I am so grateful the school provides such high-speed internet to promote my learning through an online-centered curriculum,” senior Sydney van Dijk exclaimed.

On account of this rapid connection, the wifi is so popular that students would rather connect to the school’s network than rely on their own provider. The SCHS wifi is giving AT&T a run for its money! In fact, writing this article on the network was a breeze!

T-REX RUN: Students never have to play this game because of the wonderful SCHS wifi – and even if they did, the school definitely does not have it blocked! Screenshot by Amanda Dirpes

Students need not connect to personal hotspots and waste hard-earned money on cellular data thanks to the reliable CAPOUSD wifi network! And, even if the wifi were to give out, at least students can enjoy the “No Internet” dinosaur game.

*This article is satire for our April Fool’s edition and is meant for entertainment only.

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