900 new parking spots!

Claire Hedger  | Writer April 1, 2023 The news that all sophomores and juniors have been waiting for, more parking spots! Days of scavenging for hidden spots, dreading the treacherous journey to upper campus, and […]

Triton football program cut for 2023 season

Nicolle Generaux | Newsroom Manager April 1, 2023 *BREAKING NEWS: Triton Football is scheduled to be shut down after the school decides to cut funding. “One Town, One Team” will no longer be true.  In […]

The Outlets become one giant Panera Bread

  Writer | Chloe Gerhard April 1, 2023 One town—87 Paneras. The San Clemente Outlets are about to get a lot bread-ter! The Panera Bread franchise is implementing what some may describe as imperialistic tactics […]

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