Winter Spirit Assembly 2024: “Cars”-theme crashes

ASB PRESENTS: another Spirit Assembly. And yes, it will be the same as the last one. (DylanBacker)

Eden Havel | Head Editor & Newsroom Manager

January 31, 2024


This week’s Pixar’s Cars-themed Spirit Assembly was a spotlight for the teams and players representing the San Clemente Tritons for the 2024 winter season. The assembly successfully crossed the finish line with flashing lights, extravagant choreography, and a few slightly dangerous games. But did it take first place?

TO COOL FOR SCHOOL: boys’ basketball grieves their performance as it’s happening. DylanBacker

“The Spirit Assembly could’ve been better,” said sophomore Liam Nelsen. “I know it’s scary to get up there and dance, but boy’s basketball seemed like they needed some coffee or something.”

While the general student consensus was not a resounding disappointment, the two audiences seemed to agree that the lack of enthusiasm by many of the performers fell short of the exciting display presented on their stage. It’s said that confidence requires commitment, not perfection; and while perfection is by no means demanded of our student-athletes, it is this commitment that makes the performances all the more notable. But it wouldn’t be a high school spirit assembly without a few embarrassed teenagers, would it?

It seems that our collective senioritis impacted our ability to create an original and engaging Spirit Assembly. Even with the all-too-unsurprising shaving of the hair, the 2020 TikTok-esque dance routines, the occasional backflip, and the Dad-joke-infested transition monologues, the assembly seemed in desperate need of many things. But most importantly: time. Had there been more time to prepare, perhaps we wouldn’t have been taught how to Dougie twice in a row, and possibly the drumline would have been able to train their cymbalist.

“I thought the assembly was cool,” said senior Evan Yount. “You can tell everybody worked hard, and as someone who’s done the assembly before, the teams don’t really have a lot of time to prepare a dance or anything. So it’s cool to see what everybody put together in that short amount of time.”

Along with the overall light-hearted experience, the assembly ensured recognition of important organizations, such as the Latino Student Union, and honored the memory of beloved Dr. Cat Nolan, who passed away this November. “I really loved the video they made about Ms. Nolan,” said junior Kate Knox. “I met her on my first day of school when I needed help finding my first-period classroom. The video was very nice and genuine, and I think an important addition to the Spirit Assembly. I do think that next time it shouldn’t be followed by the drumline, though.”

ATE AND LEFT NO CRUMBS: cheerleading and dance set the bar so high that it was not crossed for the rest of the show. (DylanBacker)

“I like it when they engage the audience,” said senior Sierra Vigil. “Like before, they would do chants with each class and would do fun things with each section. I think that next time they should remember to include the kids sitting in the stands too and celebrate all students—even if they’re not in that season’s lineup of sports.” While there are indeed a few ways that the performance can be improved to engage and refine the overall experience for both the performers and the audience, it was foremost an opportunity to cheer and support these dedicated teams who are nearing a strong end to the winter season.

From the cheerleading and dance performances (which slay every time) to the drumline (sending off the show with a bang) to the creative racing-themed games (spotlighting iconic students and teachers alike), the Spirit Assembly was an entertaining and heartwarming celebration of the San Clemente High School student-athletes who are wrapping up their final season and semester of sports. With one more assembly left in the school year, it will be exciting to see what ASB has in store for its final farewell to the class of 2024.

But next time, some complimentary earplugs are recommended for the poor juniors who sit near the boys’ soccer section.

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