New Subway footlong cookie controversy

SUBWAY’S FOOTLONG COOKIE: fresh out of the oven. (Olivia Vergopia)

Olivia Vergopia | Head Editor

January 31, 2024

FIRST BITE OF THE DAY: Noah Vanolst enjoying the cookie when it was warm and gooey. (Olivia Vergopia)

A new menu item has sparked the interest of many cookie lovers all around the nation. Some even love them enough to have a whole foot-long of this sweet treat. At your local Subway, they have decided to add three foot-long items to their menu permanently, including their viral chocolate chip cookie.

Coming in at a whopping 1,440 calories, many people wonder whether this treat is even worth the amount of unhealthiness that comes with it.  

Starting with the students who tried the cookie fresh out of the oven, freshman Noah Vanolst, said “I’d give this a solid 9 out of 10. It is super yummy and gooey and I think it is worth it for the amount of sugar probably in here.”

In agreement, junior Maverick Houck said “This is a 8.8/10 and I would get this again.”

However, around ten minutes later, the critiques slowly took a turn for the worse. Junior Griffin Tocci said, “I would rate this a 7 out of 10. It’s a little dry and it’s just a cookie. Nothing special in my opinion, but I wouldn’t be mad if I was given another one.”

The last student to have a taste, junior Kiana Breshears, said “This is a 5 out of 10- if even that. It tastes like a version of a chocolate protein bar and I wouldn’t even qualify it as a cookie. I definitely would not recommend this to anyone.” Not even five minutes later, she started to feel sick and was even contemplating leaving her next class. 

We can see that once the cookie cools off, it loses all of its glory and becomes a sad pile of “greasy paste,” as Breshears described. Considering these wide range of reviews, it really is up to you whether or not you want to try it out. If you take this gamble, let us know what you think.

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