LeBron announces that he plans on playing until Bronny III is in the league

OLD MAN: LeBron—depicted at the age of 67—plays with his grandchildren in the NBA. (ClutchPoints)

Enzo Candolo | Sports Editor

April 1, 2023

In a recent interview with LeBron James and Adrian Wojnarowski (better known as Woj), they sat down and talked with LeBron about the legacy he’ll leave for his kids in the NBA league. In a shocking statement, the King claimed he wouldn’t be retiring at least until his firstborn grandchild is in the league*. Bron made this statement last Tuesday, and it has been a topic of discussion for the past week in the sports world.

“I was shocked when I heard the news,” said junior Lucas Robbins. “When I got the Instagram post sent to me, I thought it was from one of those fake meme accounts, but sure enough, when I saw it a few more times through my feed, I looked into it and realized he legitimately said that. Pretty wild if you ask me.” Pretty wild indeed, and that’s most of the world’s reaction to this news too.

THE BIG NEWS: This was one of the first to break the news, and social media exploded. (@rap)

In a pretty unexpected interview, Woj sat down with James just for a nice little coffee and chatted as good friends do to talk about life and basketball. Presumably, most of the questions were somewhat on the more basketball side of things due to LeBron breaking the all-time leading scoring record a few months back.

As the interview or chat, you could say, neared the end, Woj pulled out the “What’s next?” question and added to it by saying, “How do you want your kids to remember as a competitor in this league?” And James responded, “They’ll be competing against me for a few years. Hopefully, I’ll get a chip with Bronny and Bryce before I can play with my first grandson or, better yet, granddaughter in the league.”

Rightfully so, Woj was a little taken aback and stunned to say anything, but it seemed like Bron was very set on his goal. “He’s done the impossible before. Who says he can’t do it again?” said junior David Rudnicki, when asked about his thoughts.

If we were to do some math, James is 38, and his oldest son Bronny is 18. On average, in the U.S., it is between the ages of 24-30 when your first child is born, so let’s give Bron the benefit of the doubt and say Bronny has a child at 24 years old. LeBron is now 44 and has to wait another 18+ years for that child to go through the basketball schooling process and then get to the league straight out of high school as his grandfather did. King James would be 62 if this perfect scenario happened, and that’s not even considering whether that grandson is good enough.

It’s overall just a super random and shocking thing to hear right now. But who knows, we could have an even higher scoring record if the King decides to stay playing for the next 25+ plus years.


*This article is satire for our April Fool’s edition and is meant for entertainment only.

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