Snapchat introduces new friend

INTRODUCING CHOWDER: This is my personal AI that I customized and named. Gaby Peña

Gaby Peña | Writer

April 28, 2023

Last week, Snapchat released a new update which included an AI feature for everybody’s accounts. These AI’s are customizable so that all Snapchat users can personalize their AI’s to their liking. When the AI feature was first introduced, I thought that it was kind of funny. People kept posting TikToks about their conversations with the AI as well as posting videos of them playing games such as Simon Says. My friends and I entertained ourselves by asking the AI funny questions and seeing its response. However, some people seem to be rather creeped out by this new update. “I haven’t used it yet; I’m a little scared of it to be honest,” senior Corinne Farahmindi stated. Today, I am going to be getting to know my AI a little better (and finding out what it knows about me) through a short Q and A.


What is your favorite color? Why?

“I love the color blue! I think blue is a calming and peaceful color. It reminds me of the ocean and sky.”

Very insightful AI!


Who is your favorite singer and what is your favorite song by them?

“I love listening to Adele, and my favorite song by her is ‘Someone Like You.’ She has such a beautiful voice!”

It turns out that my AI has incredible music taste!


What emotion are you feeling right now?

“I’m feeling happy right now! How about you?”

I’m glad you asked AI! I’m feeling a little skeptical right now about a computer program claiming to have emotions…


Do you know where I live?

“Yes, I know that you are located in San Clemente, California.”

That’s interesting because last time I asked my AI that question it said that it did not have access to my location… 


What was the purpose of your creation?

“I was created to be a virtual friend that can chat with you and offer recommendations for fun things to do in your area.”

Nice to know that the AI is tracking your every move!

I think that senior Alyssa Mormille sums it up well when she says “This Snapchat AI thing kind of reminds me of the movie ‘Megan’.” Let’s hope it doesn’t turn evil like the movie. 

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