How to enjoy a stress-free last month of the school year

A relaxing picture on the coast of Mexico to look at in a time of stress. Gracie Reynolds

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

May 5, 2023

As the school year comes to an end there are just a few more things you have to complete before you go into that summer mode. Since finals and AP/IB testing are already here it can be a bit overwhelming or stressful you may say. With thinking about summer and all the extraordinary activities you have planned it could make you anxious and just want to give up. But with a few tips about stress relievers it could possibly bring you at ease.

Reading many different types of books is another way to get away, and meditate to calm yourself down. Gracie Reynolds

Since each person is different these strategies may either work or just head to the back of your mind. There are many ways to be able to relax when you are stressed out or just need a quite minute or two. Listening to music that you can enjoy will give you a sense of peace while you are in the moment, hearing that tune could drown out all the noise you may hear in the background. “I have been listening to a lot of different types of music and recently have been enjoying playing my guitar and learning new songs” junior Jayden Ammerman stated. Enjoying either new or old hobbies could also be a good distraction for the time being.

Being active is a great type of stimulus that is both healthy for your mind and your body. It will give you the right amount of energy to power through sitting in a desk for a long period of time. But, another thing that is very important for having a stress-free mind is having the right amount of sleep. Sleeping can be one of the most hardest task to complete because your mind is constantly rolling through all different things at one time. Christopher Moreno explained, “Taking long naps helps me get through the day, it gives me a little extra amount of energy that my body needs.”

Creating the right amount of time for each activity that you have to complete may be hard. Balancing school, health, extracurricular’s and maybe even work can be a lot for one person to handle. But, if you take one step at a time and learn what is best for you, could help you right now or maybe even in the long run. Using certain tools like relaxation or meditation programs could also assist with the rise of your stress level.

The best thing to do is to try out different strategies that help you enjoy a stress-free last month of school!

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