Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3

Teaser poster sent out by marvel highlighting the emphasis of rockets journey throughout the movie

Otto Schniepp | Writer

May 17, 2023

Before you read this article just as a warning this does contain spoilers to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.

This movie was overall amazing. Throughout the film there are recurring motifs and little Allusions to other pieces of work. The movie starts out with an encapsulating scene of the main premise of this movie Rocket Raccoon with a Zune in his ears listening to an acoustic version of Radiohead’s, “Creep”. Instead of making mischief or being his energetic self he is walking around slow and only in a general direction not really walking anywhere. This small detail in the start of the movie guides us to the rest of the film showing the more serious sad side of rocket as the story unfolds his backstory. The song name itself is a nod that Rocket never accepted who he is and is always being called an assortment of things some of which being a monster or a creep. This wonderful moment was interrupted by the one and only Adam warlock.

Adam Warlock was teased at the end credits in the second movie when what seems to be the leader of the sovereign, a race of people who are built not conceived, makes Adam to be the ultimate weapon. He was pulled out of his creation chamber too early however so he has the mindset of a child so he still is able to think for himself and believe things he wants to believe. 

Adam Warlock fights and absolutely demolishes the guardians of the galaxy and the rest of their crew which is now stationed in nowhere , which is a giant skull from an all-powerful race of people called the Celestials. In this fight Rocket gets hurt but they are unable to use their healing technology because Rocket is a cyberneticly enhanced animal. Because of this the guardians need to go to his creator which is also the true creator of the sovereign race. This is the call to action in this movie as part of the hero’s journey. 

The movie progresses as expected, they go to the headquarters of the place he was created to get his file on what they did to him and now how they could fix him. As they did this they had to all go into space and i don’t know if this was on purpose or not but the director made the characters look exactly like the among us characters with having each of them wear differently colored bright suits. As they go along and try to get the file about the rocket we see a little into his backstory and some clips of how he came to be how he is today. 

His backstory starts with the creator taking, who is now rocket, a baby raccoon and tries to make him his idea of perfection. Having to wait for him to grow, the creator puts him into a jail cell where he meets three new characters. These three new characters are a walrus, a bunny, and an otter. These three animals also have cybernetic enhancements with the otter having robot arms and legs, the walrus being in what is essentially a wheelchair, and finally the bunny who has a set of spider-like robot legs and a mouth coverage that allows them to talk. They become Rocket’s first friends and Rocket is actually happy to be there. As time went on, rockets learned that they were never able to make it out as promised and he had been taking small parts from outside the cell from when he got experimented on. He used these to break out of the cell. At this time as a viewer you are excited to see these mistreated animals get out of captivity but this soon ends. There’s a bang and blood is coming out of the otter and it is like a kick in the stomach leaving you hurt on the inside as a once happy rocket watches his best friend die at such a young age after finally escaping. Rocket snaps and goes after the guy who shot the otter which was the creator and in doing so more shots were fired and both the walrus and the bunny were shot so rocket was officially alone. 

After that scene you are emotionally wrecked as a watcher as you watch as the Guardians have to find the missing link in the file to save a rocket which happens to be on a planet that was made to look exactly like earth by the creators design. This planet is full of genetically modified organisms which all remind me of Jared Letto’s costume from the Met gala. All of the “people” that live there are just animals that act like humans. As the guardians show up to take the information the creator unveils his idea that he hasn’t achieved perfection yet so he is going to blow up the planet and start again.

 Like all other marvel movies the Guardians end up on top and the creator dies a painful death. But that’s what made this movie so perfect. It was written like a marvel movie when marvel was in its prime. The buddy that I saw it with ,senior Zach Webb even says “It was the best marvel movie science endgame.” From start to finish this movie is jam packed with action, humor, emotion, and an overarching theme of acceptance with Star-lord finally stop asking the alternate timeline Gamora out and going back to his hometown or Rocket finally accepting that he is a raccoon by calling himself “Rocket the raccoon” the name given to him in the comics. I plan on watching this movie over and over again because I’ll be able to see something new every time. I highly recommend anybody to watch this movie.

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