Best of SC: Thrift Store

SALVATION ARMY: the outstanding thrift store that the locals enjoy! (Gracie Reynolds)

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

November 2, 2023

Located North of San Clemente (2727 Via Cascadita, San Clemente, CA 92672) is one of the best thrift stores in town. This phenomenal place is called the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army is perfect if you’re just perusing around or looking for a fancy dress for a night out. You are destined to find something — and it is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday, a rather convenient time for busy shoppers.

This unique store has all different types of clothing, ranging from dresses to hiking gear, so there really is always something to find. Plus the location is great, right in the middle of everything and right near the ocean. Since thrifting is starting to become more of a popular hobby, the store is becoming more favored.

THE ROWS: of clothes, shoes and more goes on forever and ever. (Gracie Reynolds)

“I enjoy Savaltion because of the peaceful environment, I can be in there for a while and no one seems to bother me while I am on a mission looking for something,” senior Alana Clavijo said.

Every time you are in the “thrift” there are always happy faces when you are looking around. The customer service is excellent and provides great input if you are struggling between items to buy. Plus, this is a great way to recycle clothing and have a vast variety of styles that are cheaply priced.

But like they say, “Another man’s trash is another person’s treasure,” exclaimed regular thrifters!

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