Fearful of Flying?


By Alexis Weppner | Writer

December 10, 2015

With the holidays just around the corner, thousands of travelers flock airports, hoping to catch flights to different destinations worldwide. Yet, a common fear among people is a fear of flying–and for those who don’t mind flying, we can all agree that getting through the airport and security can be more than stressful. Luckily for us, there have been many brave enough to venture through airport realms, security fiascos, and anxiety galore, granting them the ability to provide helpful tips for other anxious travelers.

When preparing to endure the stress of traveling, remember:

    1. Less is Best! When it comes to packing, your goal should be to limit your packing to just have hand luggage. After all, do you really need 6 pairs of heels, tea bags, and an iron? Lighter packing makes traveling cheaper with no check-in luggage fees, faster with not needing to wait for your luggage, and easier for you with no need to haul around multiple suitcases.
    2. Photocopy to Save! If going on a foreign travel experience, don’t bring your entire guidebook with you; instead photocopy the pages you will need–this will help save space and cut down on extra weight.
    3. Which Line to Choose? Let’s be honest, whether it be the security queue or the grocery store, it seems that the slowest line is always the one you choose! Well, choose wrong no longer: when at the security queue, pick the line containing mostly “suits”, not with tons of kids to tourists. With more experience from traveling for business, the “suits” will tend to be quicker.
    4. Hoodie Goodie! Some may believe that hoodies have a “delinquent” look to them but, in all actuality, hoodies are one of the best things to wear on a flight. They can keep you warm when the flight is cool, you can use the hoodie to block out unwanted light and sound when trying to sleep, and it’s an easy article of clothing to take off if you do get hot.
    5. Silence is Golden! Whether is be the murmuring of passengers or the loud cries of a baby, ear plugs or sound reducing/canceling headphones will help you block everything out.
    6. Airport Lounges Are a Must! If you’re in it for the long haul with red eye flights or just long layovers, talk to an employee at the airport about reserving an airport lounge–there will be snacks and drinks, movies and magazines, and places to rest. Then, before you leave, take a couple big bottles of water with you–it is a cost effective and comfortable way to travel.
    7. Look Before You Leave! It is more than important that no matter where you are leaving from–a bathrooms, waiting room, cafe–look around you and make sure that you are not leaving anything behind (like plane tickets!).

With these few tips, airport fiascos won’t be a problem. By using these tips, you’ll be sipping hot cocoa with your family before you know it. Happy holidays!

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