Help Me Ask My Date to Formal!

It’s that time of year again! Bring on the students who are trying to think of clever and fun ways to ask their potential date to formal!

However, some of you may still be stuck on level one, so I’m here to provide you with a list – whether cheesy, corny, clever, or cute – of 11 creative ways to ask someone to formal.

  • With some sort of string, wrap the formal ticket and/or a sign that says “Formal?” around a stuffed teddy bear or their favorite animal.
  • If you are too nervous or don’t know who you’re asking very well, you can ‘break the ice’ by passing them a packet of ice breakers with a note inside that says, “Will you go to formal with me? It would be a great way to break the ice.”
  • Like to bake? Bake some of their favorite flavors of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. and spell out, with frosting, “You are so sweet. Going to formal with you would be a treat.” on each treat.
  • Give them a bag of lollipops with a not inside that says, “Formal would ‘suck’ without you.”
  • Arrange pepperoni on a pizza that spell out “Formal?”, and deliver it to her.
  • Leave a fake parking ticket on their car that says, “Formal?” or “Will you go to formal with me.”
  • Cover their locker and/or car with several sticky notes that say “Formal?”
  • Fill their car and/or locker with balloons that say your special message.
  • Get some fortune cookies and replace all the fortunes with one’s of your own that asks them to formal.
  • Write your formal question on the back of a puzzle. Then, give it to them to put together and see the message!
  • Give them a box of donut holes and put a note inside that says, “Donut you know I want to go to formal with you a hole bunch!”

1388823406366_w460Ideas by YOU:

  • Pop the question! Give them a lollypop that says “Formal?” –Lily Brown, Freshman
  • You can also ‘pop the question’ when you make them pop a balloon with a note included asking if they will go to formal with you. –Lily Brown, Freshman
  • Just ask them? –Austin Miller, Senior


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