Christmas: Celebration or Commercialization?

Christmas isn’t what it used to be.

What used to be a celebration of togetherness has now turned into only a time for capitalistic profit by big business.

This commercialization has brought about a shift in the reasons why people celebrate the holiday. Instead of being thankful, our nation is growing increasingly narcissistic and me-minded during this historically selfless season.

It has morphed into a very materialistic holiday. Instead of Christmas cheer, we have commercials. Gone are the carolers, enter the Black Friday tramplers. No more family, now just fighting over presents.

People from the previous generations say it used to be a magical time but now it’s just an oversaturated retail scheme. Society is so wrapped up in pop culture’s materialistic ideology that nothing else matters, and many people feel stressed at the pressure to do everything perfectly and timely.

In fact, numerous stores put up Christmas merchandise and decorations a month before Halloween! It just feels forced, rushed, and artificial.

TV commercials, online adverts, magazines, newspapers, skywriters, billboards,  all screaming for attention and stressing out people who should simply want to enjoy the Christmas season.

Christmas is over-commercialized, period, end of sentence.

America must return to the true reason for the season – rejoicing with family and being thankful.

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