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By Maisie Shea | Writer   &   Bryce Dutchik | Writer

March 1, 2016

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, San Clemente never ceases to bring us a beautiful view or an amazing sunset. We often have to stop and take a look when we pass an amazing view of our town; but it feels like we stick to one or two spots to catch the view, so why not expand the list? From Northside to Southside, there’s a dozen places that give us a nice view but here are the top 10 spots, nominated by the students at San Clemente High on where to catch one of these pretty views.

  1. Southside Running Trails

If you’re on a run or just taking a walk, you know how irresistibly pretty the view from here is.

  1.  Top of the Stairs at 204

It’s likely to say the residents of the 204 homes on the bluff have quite the view and quite the backyard being it’s the ocean, but from the top of the stairs leading to the beach, you’ll find yourself looking at the water and the way it curves.

  1. Presidio Backyards

Unless you or someone you know lives on Avenida Presidio, it might be tricky to take in the view the street offers but if it’s possible, you wouldn’t want to miss a sunset or a morning from here.

  1. T-Street

It might be hard to weave your way through the cars and the visitors to our town, but standing at the T-Street bluffs is like nothing you’ve seen before. With it’s wind and salty air breezes, it definitely makes the top 10 list.

  1. Church Top

Just like Top of the World, Church Top is a place only locals know about for the most part and lets us see most, if not all, of San Clemente.

  1. Calafia Cliffs

The cliffs at Calafia are a nice background for a family photo or even Prom pictures and there’s a reason. The pretty green hills growing with flowers no matter the season bring out a sense of happiness in everyone who comes across the view.

  1. San Pablo and Calle La Serna

It seems that in southside views are more open and available, being panoramic almost. Straight on San Pablo, and right on Calle La Serna will take you to an irresistible sunset and you’ll finally have a reason to use the panorama feature on your phone.

  1. Seal Rock

Seal Rock is exactly what it seems, but if you’re in high school and spend your summers at the beach, you know the view this rock offers. A view stretching from Dana Point to Cotton’s Point; by far a favorite of most students at San Clemente.

  1. The End of the Pier

Probably the first thing every tourist thinks of, the end of our pier is almost like Seal Rock, other than the fact that you can walk here. It gives a great view of the pier bowl and all the cute little houses on the hills within.

  1. Top of the World

Being number one it is no surprise that Top of the World is everyone’s favorite. From here it feels as if you’re on top of the world ( hence its name ) and you can see the top of EVERYTHING from a small bluff in our pretty little town.

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