Formal – “One of the Best Nights of Our Lives”

Winter formal. A night of bright lights, dancing, friends , and fun. When the final bell of the day rang, girls rushed to salons to get their hair and nails done while guys went home to shower and pick out ties coordinated with their dates’ dresses. Everyone looked forward to attending the Midnight Masquerade, hoping it would be, “one of the best nights of (their) lives.”

This year, the South Mesa ballroom on Camp Pendleton held the masses of students who attended winter formal. The photo booth, bright lights, and food brought to us by the SCHS ASB were just a few of the many elements that they added to make this year’s midnight masquerade spectacular.

In previous years, winter formal has always had great reputation. Many students who attended this year’s midnight masquerade stated that this year’s formal was great, but some believe previous years’ formals have been better executed. However, despite the few who enjoyed previous year formals, the overall opinions of formal still remain positive. Jordyne Prussak, a junior, said, “It was my first time going to formal and I thought it was really fun. The best part was the chocolate-covered strawberries.”

The dresses, suits, lights, photos, and overall experience from formal still dance through the minds of students. Overall, this year’s winter formal was a spectacular event thanks to the hard of the SCHS ASB class and contributions from staff.

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