San Clemente Shop Review – Melrose in the OC

Melrose Avenue in Hollywood is one of the most famous sources of fashion trends in Southern California and one of the most influential in the world. Rock icons and movie stars alike shop there to find their stylistic muses.

However, you can be part of that club without driving all the way to Los Angeles by simply going down to Del Mar and visiting Melrose in the OC. This year, Melrose won “Best Clothing” in the Best of San Clemente People’s Choice Ole Awards.

Fashion can be an expensive way to express yourself, which is why Melrose in the OC has high-fashioned clothes for prices that don’t clean out your wallet. Melrose in the OC isn’t just about bargains, it’s about finding fashion that you just won’t find locally. This isn’t another giant chain store where everyone comes out looking the same; this is a one of a kind boutique where you come out with clothes that has a unique style and personality.

Not only is the store economical and fashionable, but can also be educational. If you are in ROP Fashion, stop by Melrose, volunteer, and learn about fashion. The employees are helpful, insightful, and outgoing – not to mention the best fashion forecasters around. Not only is this a great learning opportunity, but an awesome excuse for a shopping spree!

Melrose has some of the best fashions and latest trends around. With new shipments every week, there’s always new items in-stock, but you’ll have to catch them quickly. One fashion forecaster at Melrose predicted future trends to take on the 70s with lots of stylish jumpsuits, blue bell-bottom jeans, and gorgeous new prints. Most of these throw-back trends will be seen in cotton candy/pastel colors. Swing by Melrose to learn more about it and see what they have in store!

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