Are You Stressed Out For Prom?

By, Zack Gardner | Videographer   &   Koby Wolfe | Writer

May 3, 2016


The most highly-anticipated night of the year for high school seniors everywhere: Prom.

Providing a wild night full of explicit dancing and fun with friends, teenagers prepare for it weeks in advance, as this is the dance of all dances. Every little detail must be perfect, especially the girl actually saying yes.

The Promposal.

Guys dread it, girls worry about it not happening, so why is it such a big deal? A date to prom could signify a (high-school) love between two people, or a simple long lasting friendship, but boys and girls alike desire that feeling of being with a significant other on the special occasion.

Perfect execution.

With students across the nation asking the magic words, how do they present it in a way that theirs’ is special? Creativity flows alongside the stress, making for unique displays of affection. Then there’s the caveats: “No” or “Somebody else already asked me” or “I’m going alone.” These words drop a man like a shot to the privates, causing them to ask somebody else other than “the one.”

Girls just want to have fun.

In the life of a girl, the preparation for prom is extremely time-consuming, consisting of makeup tutorials, hair salons, gossip, and nails painted by Picasso. Perfection is the only word running through their mind, as they will not accept anything short of it for this special night.

ASB accounts for the venue and theme of each dance, being criticized heavily if the dance is not up to par. This year, prom will be held at the Richard Nixon Library, a top-notch venue to host the special occasion. Hopefully, the decorations surrounding the event will equate to the prominence of the location itself.

Controversy over where pictures should be taken is a major discussion in the world of social media, as students struggle to find a location similar to the infamous Pines Park. Currently under reconstruction, Pines Park is home to all pre-dance photo shoots, providing an amazing backdrop to be captured on professional cameras, (your parents’ smartphone). New places are being discovered each day, and all eyes are turned towards Lantern Bay park as the week comes to an end. Updates will be provided over social media, so stay up to date with your friends, and don’t forget to enjoy your time at prom!

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