Creative Writing – Fonts


By, Hailey Griffith | Writer

September 13, 2016

Snow is simple cursive letters, the elegant colors and pointed cold. Rain is thin Gothic letters, brutally dark and gently somber. Leaves are an elegant stretch of letters, beautiful yet tragic. A blazing sun is a harsh scrawl, attractive yet sharply bitter. Cold breaths are drippy, sorrowful letters, sad and frozen yet harshly gorgeous. Jokes and laughter is the silly font of Comic Sans, full of laughter and joy. Simply things in life have fonts to match, gorgeous stories, and perfect lines of gentle poetry. Each season tells a different story, and inside each story is a hundred thousand million sub stories.

Snow can tell the story of people falling in love, with a beautiful background behind them. A story of the two having snowball fights, cuddling together like penguins for warmth, and sharing hot chocolate.

Rain can tell the story of a pulviophile, a lover of rain, getting lost in the sounds and feeling of rain. And how they are incredibly addicted to the feeling of the rain dancing along their skin and dripping from their eyelashes.

Leaves will tell the story of love and lose. A love growing and growing, like a budding leaf, and a love dying, like the leaf when it falls from the tree and flutters to the ground.

A blazing sun will show the story of happiness. Something bright and happy, while it heats up a simple thing in life, like a sidewalk or grass.

Cold breaths tell the story of thoughts. Each breath contains a different thought that gets let out into the world with each breath.

Jokes and laughter paint a picture with words of a happy memory, with inside jokes galore.

All of the seasons and emotions mix together and create the story called life.

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