An Evolving World With Computer Game Science


By: Darren DiMarco | Writer

October 7, 2016

The current Computer Age has brought about some of the most advanced technologies in the modern world and with it, new ways of functioning in society. One of these advancements has involved the technology for computer games, a rapidly growing industry with a market value reaching almost $100 billion this year.

The University of California at Irvine, one of the top universities in the United States and even the world, has recognized this industry, offering students a new choice of major, Computer Game Science (CGS).

First established in 2010, the major has become exponentially popular in these last few years with more and more students choosing to pursue this major. Lovers of video games and those who simply recognize the industry flock to the Computer Game Science major in hopes of learning more about something they enjoy and broadening their  career opportunities.

Many students who had long been pursuing the Computer Science (CS) major, one of the most popular majors for students attending UCI, are instead switching over to CGS. When asked why so many are switching from CS to CGS, Kenny Yam, a UCI attendee and CGS major, responded, “Well I’d say because people still learn what they would from CS, but in a class centered around games and gives a more direct aim towards having a career in the gaming industry, a job I’ve dreamt of since I was a kid.”

As the gaming industry continually expands,  video game creators are increasingly high demand.  However, being a media and entertainment oriented enterprise, the competition grows just as quickly. “In this highly competitive market, getting the gaming job of your dreams can be a challenge,” says Kevin Tyler, a student at UCI pursuing CGS, “but even if CGS doesn’t work out, you still have the knowledge of code, a highly desired skill, to fall back on.”

Although Computer Game Science may not be the top choice of major for many, simply its existence gives evidence of how the world is changing into a highly developed and digitally centered society. For those interested in learning more about UCI’s CGS major, follow the link here:

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