Darren DiMarco – Writer/Photographer/Videographer (2016-18)


My name is Darren DiMarco and I am currently 16 years old. In my free time, I enjoy reading and binge watching Netflix series as well as hanging out with friends. As for extracurricular activities, I am in the Robotics club and tutor middle school kids in a program called Second City. I joined Newspaper this year to get more involved in school outside of academics and to learn new skills such as journalistic writing, photography, and videography, things which I have always been interested in but haven’t had an opportunity to get into until now.

For this year in Newspaper, I set goals to make new friends, do things which I would have never done otherwise i.e. attending after school events and sports games, and to gain conversational skills which can help me throughout the rest of my life. I hope that taking this class can lead into more opportunities in the future and give me a leg up in my college resume. I look forward to having a great year in school and giving people something to talk about with the exciting and amazing stories which I am bound to write.

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