Robert Campbell- Videographer/Writer (2016-17)


Hello, my name is Robbie Campbell and I’m a 16 year old junior at San Clemente High School. My hobbies include surfing and shredding with my buddies, and playing soccer either at the High School, or just hanging out with my friends. This school year, I aspire to achieve my goals and set my future up so that I can get into the college of my dreams. This summer was a turning point in my life, and I realized that I need to start applying myself into new environments and break out of my comfort zone in order to succeed in the future.  Photography and videography has always been an interest of mine, whether that be a specific shot in a movie, or a movie clip that catches my eye. This year I want to implicate my unique vision and talents into this classroom and have a deeper knowledge and understanding of editing and photography. I want to take newspaper to extend my understanding of videography and brainstorm where I want to go for college to better my future.

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