Met Gala 2021: Fashion with purpose

Amy Parr | Head Editor September 16, 2021 After a year and a half, celebrities and spectators alike were more than excited for this year’s Met Gala. Commonly referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out,” […]

SCHS students flock to protest of rape culture

Aaron Velez | News Editor & Coco Meyerhofer | Writer September 10, 2021 Last week, students organized a protest against rape culture following a social media outbreak of allegations of sexual misconduct between two SCHS […]

Club Rush: get involved!

Eden Milligan | Editor-in-Chief  & Shayna Sparks | News Editor September 10, 2021 On the glorious afternoon of Tuesday, August 31, Tritons excitedly circled around tables like buzzing bees in a hive for what students […]

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