Myanmar en tumulto

Keith Hoffmeister | Escribador 15 de Febrero, 2021 El 4 de diciembre de 2020, Aung San Suu Kyi ganó las elecciones democráticas de Myanmar. Era una de las elecciones más libres y justas que el […]

Best park to go to at 12 am: Pirate Park

Maxine Davey | Editor in Chief March 12, 2021 You’re driving around aimlessly with a few friends. Maybe you just experienced the best customer service San Clemente has to offer at Chick-fil-a, or just got […]

Best tacos on the go: Pedros Tacos

Jason Watkins | Photographer March 12, 2021 In 1986, Pedro’s Tacos opened the first fish taco stand in Orange County, California. Located near the beach, hungry surfers began lining up for the satisfying tacos and […]

Best boba to grab with friends: Matcha

Jill Greene | Head Editor March 12, 2021 In SoCal, we’re blessed enough to have a strong Asian community. One of the greatest influences Asian culture has had on San Clemente itself is the rise […]

Cancel Culture: is it effective?

Savannah Gresham | Writer March 5, 2021 Cancel culture has been a prevailing attitude in the Western zeitgeist since 2015. But have the people who have championed this digital boycotting really made the world a […]

Lack of transparency in U.S. airstrike on Syria

Eden Milligan | Head Editor March 5, 2021 Last week, the U.S. government initiated an airstrike targeting Iranian-backed militias in Syria. Biden justified this attack as “self-defense” in retaliation for rocket attacks that were directed […]

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