Brookelynn Hodgin – Writer

Joan of Arc’s execution date was finalized on May 28, 1431. Brookelynn was born on May 28, 2003. Coincidence? I think not. Brookelynn, obviously a descendant (or possible 600 year late reincarnation?) of Joan, is […]

Robert Schumacher – Writer

Robert Schumacher is a Senior at San Clemente High School. His defining characteristic is his red hair, and he goes by several nicknames at school, including Ed Sheeran, Leprechaun, and Ron Weasley. He joined Newspaper […]

Ruby Hawbecker – Writer

Ruby Hawbecker is a Junior at San Clemente High School. She plays water polo and enjoys challenging herself in school, and although she doesn’t believe in astrology, she is a Gemini. She loves to hang […]

Daniella Flores – Writer

Daniella Flores is a junior at San Clemente High School who is excited for her first year with the Triton Times. Outside of school, Daniella enjoys spending time with her friends and family, cooking, listening […]

Helene MacBeth – Writer

Helene MacBeth, a junior at San Clemente High School, joined newspaper to be more involved in the school and to improve her writing and editing skills. She is involved in many clubs at school and […]

Coco Meyerhofer – Writer

Coco Meyerhofer is a junior who is excited to join Triton Times this year! When she’s not in school struggling to learn calculus, she can be found painting in neon on her wall, listening (screaming) […]

Sophie Echtemach – Writer

Sophie Echternach¬† is a Junior at San Clemente High School. She wanted to join Newspaper to experience something new and enrich her writing skills. Sophie enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends and […]

Ben Meyler – Writer

Ben Meyler is currently a senior at San Clemente High School. This is his second year writing for the Triton Times and he is eager to write more articles. He has been living in San […]

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