A Resurrection of the Hitler Youth

By: Peyton Gadbury | Opinion Editor March 7, 2019 From 1941 to 1945, Nazi Germany, under the supremacy of the fascist leader Adolf Hitler, systematically murdered an estimated six million European Jews. On Sunday, March […]

How to cope with “College Month”

By: Sofia Helmle | Writer March 8, 2019 The month of March has begun, and you know what that means — colleges are beginning to release their acceptance letters. While some southern and higher acceptance […]

Top 5 shows to binge watch on Netflix

By: Amanda Cichewicz | Photographer March 5, 2019 Everyone has those days where they just want to relax, grab some food and “binge” some of Netflix’s best shows. Here are San Clemente’s top 5 shows […]

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