CIF Football Hype

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor and Max Jonnaert | Sports Editor

November 13, 2017

After a decisive 36-13 win over the Chino Hills Huskies, the San Clemente Triton Football Team has pushed themselves further into CIF Championship contention. Senior Brandon Reeves rushed 3 touch downs in last Friday night’s game, followed by touchdowns from junior receivers Keith Jones and Austin Whitsett. Junior Jack Shippy also boasted an impressive 3 interceptions in the game. In bigger news for the team, senior quarterback Jack Sears, who passed 200 yards in their Round 1 game of CIF, officially has left Duke, and now has committed to USC like his predecessor, Sam Darnold, who is currently starting for the Trojans. Whether this decision will benefit him in the long run, only time can tell.

Because of their success, the Tritons now face Heritage High School this Friday (11/18) on their home turf in their quarterfinal match up. The Patriots are currently undefeated (11-0) and do pose a decent threat to the Tritons CIF run. Heritage High School players to look out for include junior Sherod White who rushed 3 touchdowns in their Round 1 win over El Toro, and their fast receiver Rashoud Shelton. Either way it goes, its panning out to be a great match up!

“I took the charter bus up to La Habra last year for the CIF Final. Absolutely no regrets, it was a blast”, senior Dominic Rodarti noted.

Struggling to find a ride to Heritage? Not wanting to waste gas? Looking to have a quality time with fellow students on the way up? Whatever your reason may be, have no fear, SCHS’s Loud Crowd will be providing a charter bus (students only) for FREE up to Heritage, there and back. The only charge is the general admission into the game which is $5 for all students. For more information, please visit the link below. Spots are limited and the purchasing period ends at the end of lunch on Friday. Hope to see you there!

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