Homecoming 2k17

Hailey Daniels and Ashley Latta
Homecoming, the first dance of the year. Some students love it. Some students hate it. Some students go. Some students don’t. It can be considered a pain for some, paying for the $50 ticket, an outfit, shoes, dinner, etc. All of these aspects contribute to the question, is it really worth it? These expenses often get in the way of students’ desire to go, especially if their experience the year before wasn’t all that great. More often than not, “some decide to go just because they have nothing better to do and their friends are going,” Lauren Nelson, 12, states. Another student, Hailey Pressnell, 12, also mentioned, “it’s not worth spending my paycheck to be drenched in other student’s sweat.” I asked three students, Mikaela Nelson, 10, Fynley Connelly, 12, and Jack Gavin, 12, a few questions about their 2017 homecoming experiences to get a better of idea on why students go and why they wouldn’t want to.

In your opinion, what was the best part of homecoming?
Student A: The best part for me was taking pictures at Pine’s Park with all of my friends.
Student B: The best part was that it gives everyone a chance to have fun together and dance. You get to hang out with people you haven’t seen or hung out with in a long time and with the people you do see all the time.
Student C: Getting to experience it one last time with all of my friends I’ve gotten to know over my high school career and dancing with Ashley Latta.

What was the worst?
Student A: The worst part was that it was SO hot inside the gym.
Student B: The worst part was how difficult it was to get water.
Student C: The worst was walking out of the gym and realizing half the sweat on you wasn’t yours.

What is advice you could give to ASB to make it better next year?
Student A: Turn the AC on next year!
Student B: I’m not sure. ASB could put more water stations around the dance to solve the problem with water. I can’t really think of anything else.
Student C: AC and water.

What is your opinion on the music that was played?
Student A: I thought the DJ was better last year.
Student B: The music was really good. It was a good mix of nostalgic throwback music and new music that made it really fun because knowing the songs makes it so much better.
Student C: DJ was spinnin’ some fire tracks.

How much money did you spend in total for homecoming (outfit, dinner, ticket, etc.):
Student A: I spent about $265 this year on homecoming.
Student B: I spent about $165 max this year.
Student C: About $70 including my ticket

Note from ASB:
Hey guys, we are glad you enjoyed homecoming! We worked really hard to make it amazing especially for you seniors as it is your last year. Sorry about the AC and fire alarms, that was out of our control and we know what an inconvenience it was. We also realize the price of the tickets was unsatisfactory to you, the ticket pays for DJ, food, staff to work the event, and other things that are there to benefit the attendees. We are working on making next year’s homecoming bigger and better than ever. If you have any ideas or things you want to let us know, stop by the ASB room or loopmail and ASB member, we would love to hear your feedback! We make these dances for you and want them to be exactly how you want them! Thank you for making it one of our biggest homecomings yet! Hope you seniors thought it was one to remember!

Overall, homecoming was a great time for everyone. Being one the most attended dance every year, it was packed with everyone’s friends. Even though not everything was perfect, the night summed up was. From the great DJ, to the dank food, homecoming was amazing. Everyone looked great and danced the night away. This homecoming was definitely a memorable one and one that will go down in San Clemente High School history. Seniors to freshman will forever remember this dance as the best one yet.

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