Club Profile: The Card Game Club

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – Co-presidents Juliette Clark and Sam Bregman pose with their sign at Club Rush.

By: Lexi Kortman | Writer

September 12th, 2018

Thousands of SCHS students rush around campus, pushing and shoving to see the dozens of club booths scattered in front of the Little Theater. Students dash from booth to booth to sign up in order to boost community service hours, get involved in hobbies, or participate in school events. Blaring ASB announcements tout the benefits various clubs have to offer as the sun beats down on hype men shouting “Join Rugby Club!” or “Join the No Vape Club!”

To say Club Rush was a frenzy is an understatement.

However, in the midst of it all, three seniors stood proud and tall, unphased by the swarms and confusion.

These noble souls – Sam Bregman, Juliette Clark, and Spencer Currie – are the masterminds behind the Card Game Club. To some skeptics out there, it may sound like a snooze-fest; simply playing boring card games in a room with a bunch of other high schoolers you may or may not know. In reality, the club is so much more.

“The Card Game Club is a vessel,” senior co-president Juliette Clark said. “It is dedicated to sailing across the sea of card games to an island of friendship, where people of all other islands come together for times of prosperity and togetherness, bound by the spirit of fun.”

The inspiration behind the Card Game Club and senior co-president Spencer Currie, explained that the club’s purpose was “to unify the community with small paper squares.”

The founders’ favorite card game is Ratslap, also known as Egyptian Rat Screw, a game that, to put it simply, involves players taking turns putting down cards, slapping cards that have the same value as the previous one, and getting bruises if you or your friends are wearing rings while playing. However, the meetings will consist of many different card games, and members are encouraged to suggest new games in order to create a feeling of inclusiveness and a sense of camaraderie as members have fun learning them.

“No poker allowed, though. No gambling over here,” senior co-president Sam Bregman stresses. The games are purely for fun and for interacting with your peers – definitely no gambling in such a pure and fun-loving club. Spencer emphasized that the club also gives students a chance to relax and just have fun, and “escape from the rigor of the academic day.”

Though simply playing cards is nothing new, the Card Game Club brings a fresh new perspective to what a “club” really means on campus!

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