Brett Kavanaugh: What’s the Verdict?

Ford and Kavanaugh testify at the Senate hearing. Photo by the Weekly Standard.

By: Emily Eberhart | Arts and Entertainment Editor

September 28, 2018

September 27, 2018, marked the day of the Senate hearing in which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh testified on the several sexual assault allegations currently held against him. In 1982, about 36 years ago, Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh both attended high school in the D.C. area. According to Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while he and his friend Mark Judge were intoxicated at a party in a small Maryland suburb. Dr. Ford alleges that upon exiting the bathroom upstairs, she was pushed into a bedroom across the hall and heard the door lock behind her. The music was turned up loudly and she was pushed onto the bed by Kavanaugh; upon trying to scream he put his hand over her mouth. In her emotional testimony, she claimed that in that moment she feared for her life. On the other hand, Judge Kavanaugh’s defense can be built around the fact that he was always considered a good student and his reputation remains unblemished in the eyes of his peers. He released a handwritten personal calendar from the year in question that reveals that he never recalled attending such a party.

In the tumultuous social and political climate of today, students of San Clemente High School have made it clear that they are unsure of just who they should believe. In a small sample section of 32 students, approximately 65 percent had said that they either weren’t informed enough on the case to make a decision on who to believe, or they simply didn’t know who to put their trust in.  But those who chose to believe in one or the other exhibited passion in their beliefs.

 “I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and felt her testimony was very compelling and believable and feel that [Judge Kavanaugh] should not be elevated to the Supreme Court unless he can explicitly prove the accusations are false,” senior Elle Bryan said, representing those who believe the accusers over Mr. Kavanaugh. With 28 percent of the females polled in agreement with her, Bryan makes a solid argument to represent the millions of women across the country who choose to believe Ford over Kavanaugh.

Contrarily, those who believe Kavanaugh seem to have an equally compelling set of beliefs. Representing a much smaller portion of the females who are polled, senior McCall Bledsoe chooses to believe Judge Kavanaugh.

“I think what happened to Dr. Ford was very wrong, and if Judge Kavanaugh is guilty he should not be able to serve in the Supreme Court,” she said. “However, I also believe the whole situation of this alleged crime being brought to light is very political. The timing of everything implies that those accusing Kavanaugh are more interested in their own political agenda of not confirming Kavanaugh than they are of actually shedding light and bringing justice to Dr. Ford.”

Though a few have their own strong views of this matter, it is troubling that a majority of us have chosen to not pay enough attention to form an opinion at all. With what is at stake, it is time for our generation to make a change in how attentive we are to politics. Despite the rumors that one vote doesn’t count or that the government is a scam, we can create a better tomorrow with our involvement. Your vote is your voice. With an FBI investigation in our future, it is imperative that we discover our own opinions so that we as a people can stand up for whom we believe in.

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