Why Trump will win

President Donald Trump at the State of the Union address.

By: Brayden Young | Chief Political Correspondent

March 20, 2019

It’s going to have to be said: Donald J. Trump will win a second presidential term.

There have been so many controversies in the past two years since the start of the Trump presidency. Russia Investigation, Stormy Daniels, Gun Control, The Border Wall debate, the right to choose, etc. However, though you may believe that the Trump presidency has gone up in flames, there is massive evidence pointing towards another repeat victory for the Don.

I believe that Donald Trump’s current record as a president shows his ability to win over the votes a second round, barring if there is no “bombshell” evidence that Trump completely undermined our democracy. All points made in this article are aimed at being as non-biased as possible.

It’s A Bright New Day For Americans: Things have improved economically for the majority of the country. The Dow crossed $25,000, despite critics’ fears that it would never rise above Obama’s peak of $18,000. Trump has brought millions of jobs back, despite Obama’s fears. Tax cuts working, despite Nancy’s fear.

Trump has had world peace meetings with countless countries across the world, namely North Korea. Although the process of peace is slow and, at times, not completely perfect; the fact that we are making progress is a huge step in the right direction for the world. ISIL has been almost entirely taken down. Other than the Trump hatred, the country and the world are better off than they were two years ago, quite the opposite of media coverage.

Trump is a Winner: Trump always beats his opponents. Seriously, this guy is a Winner! Avenatti, Stormy, The Weekly Standard, Liz Warren, Hillary, Comey, Michelle Wolf, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Merkel, Macron, Zuckerberg, Colin Kaepernick, the Oscars, Harvey Weinstein, CNN, MSNBC, Megan Kelly all have been defeated by the Don. By defeated, I mean a significant backlash to the reputation and brand of the individual/organization that wishes to endure Donald’s verbal insults and viral tweets.

Meme War II: 2016 was a very interesting year to have a campaign cycle. The social media golden age was in full swing, and it still is today. Politicians were starting to join snapchat, instagram, twitter, reddit, youtube and many other public platforms. Donald Trump is an expert at reading trends and riding them to fame. He knew that making absolutely ridiculous statements, and frequent insults towards opponents would make headlines. The amount of media attention he got from news sites, the more his name excelled him to be the Republican primary front runner. His social media attracted numerous people to his campaign and swayed a lot of votes from impressionable millennials against the status quo. Donald’s online interaction with the public spurred a lot of memes, and by a lot, I mean – A LOT. The limitless amount of Donald Trump memes began an uncontrollable amount of online support. A meme war is starting yet again, and it is clear that Donald still is a winner.

He’s Just Not That Bad: The truth is, Donald Trump has flaws, but they aren’t big enough to stop the wave. Donald Trump’s government shutdown was much like Obama’s shutdown of Medicare, Bill Clinton’s shutdown because his proposed legislation of economic action, and many other presidents. It’s all about infighting between the President’s and the congress that opposes him, not about Trump’s “failure”. The Russia Investigation is about to end, and in two years we haven’t seen any proof that can connect Trump to stealing an election, not even any legal convictable evidence. To independents and centrists, Republicans and Democrats both look like jokes; radicals on both sides are stupid; and no matter the candidate that is chosen, they would rather stick with their current president.

It’s Just Facts: The fact of the matter is, Donald may only win the electoral college, most likely because that is all he needs to win. He doesn’t care about the secured red or blue states flipping. He is entirely focused on the swing states and appealing to them. Tax cuts for middle class, providing a “safer” America, and bringing back factory jobs have been carefully planned in order to sway the majority in those states. Since 1977, swing states have denied only two presidents from securing a second term, George H.W Bush and Jimmy Carter. And most importantly, as long as Donald finds a way to keep his government intact, Donald Trump will have successfully been re-elected President of The United States.

Keep in mind, Trump is playing 4D chess, and we are all playing checkers.

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  1. Good job to you for being brave enough to post this article. It is nice to see a conservative writer at the Triton Times! Also, love your last sentence. Keep up the great work.

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