Stars of the Triton Film Festival

Poster for this years Triton Film Festival, made by Jason Keany.

By: Flynn Lloyd | Editor in Chief

March 30th, 2019

The annual Triton Film Festival was this past Tuesday, May 21st, and participants blew their audience away. The little theatre was filled with the filmmakers’ families, peers, and teachers. With a packed audience, each of the ten films received an abundance of praise. The ten films for the most part centered around a horror theme and kept each audience member at the end of their seats. The Triton Film Festival successfully highlights the artistic talent and eye of many students while also providing a fun and free event for all members of the SCHS community.

The festival’s goal is to display the works that the Video Production class, taught by Mr. Bisch, produces throughout the year. Each group of rising directors, cinematographers, editors, and actors, presents one short film that they think represent their best work from the year. There were 10 total films and each were judged by a panel of judges that then voted on which film won best Director, best cinematography, best editing, and best overall Film. The Hunt directed and produced by Jack Gifford won best film, and Troy Munson and Wyatt Eberle won Best Directors for their film Hector. Senior director Munson said, “winning the award was a humbling experience and I’m so proud.”

Seniors Troy Munson and Wyatt Eberle, directors of Hector, after receiving their awards.

The Hunt received praise for incorporating students outside the film production class, including some in SCHS’s own drama department. The film centered around two brothers who are trying to find a special treasure, despite the danger of another party chasing them for the same goals. The film was steadily shot, had beautiful colors, and terrific acting, making it no surprise it won for best film. Junior Lorenzo Marino, star of The Hunt said, “It was so fun working with this team and making a film we are all proud of, despite getting in trouble for staying out late to redo cuts.” Along with this, Hector won awards for its creative plot and hilarious commentary, crafted by seniors Troy Munson and Wyatt Eberle. The short film featured a gang of middle school kids who encounter a strange neighbor and his peculiar habit of hoarding objects. Based around the popular Shel Silverstein poem, “Hector the Collector”, Hector was perfectly eerie and witty at the same time, reminding the audience of the popular show Stranger Things.

Overall, all of the films featured at the festival made the event worth seeing. From the short horror flicks to the inspirational pieces on unity, each group of students brought their artwork to the table and impressed their audiences. Senior Sam Giacobello said, “All the movies were actually really well done, which surprised me.” The expectations aren’t always high for public school art programs, yet Mr. Bisch and the students within the video production class blew away their audience with their ability to catch their attentions and leave them at the edge of their seats. This department at SCHS proves that public school should continue to encourage creativity and artistic expression, as it always receives an abundance of praise, and rewards for the students who participate.

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