Ditch FOMO, Embrace JOMO

By: Jane Moran | Writer

October 10, 2019

Picture this, you are home alone on a Friday night and none of your friends are replying. Later, you see on Snapchat that they are all hanging out without you. Immediately after seeing this comes the dreaded sensation of FOMO, and chances are everyone has experienced it before. FOMO is an acronym known as the “fear of missing out.” Though not many have heard of it’s emotional antidote, JOMO or the “Joy of missing out.” This seems like a word for introverted beings, but having “me time” is more than alright for when teens need a time out.

Going back to the prehistoric age when parents were in high school, there was no such thing as Snapchat or Instagram. In other words, no one actually had a clue of what everyone was doing at that exact moment. This was a blessing in disguise.

Google image of JOMO, the joy of missing out

FOMO essentially thrives off of social media and leads to even bigger issues. There is an abundance of  pressure on teens today, if they weren’t seen at a party or some social event, then clearly they are antisocial. Though adolescents should not have to compare their lives to others, it is something that unconsciously happens. Teens should embrace their ability to say no, and understand that it is okay to not be present at every event. It is important to create lasting memories throughout high school, but not when it is with superficial people. 

“It can be a bummer missing out,” senior Emily Campbell said.  “But, I think I would rather stay in, than hang out with people I don’t like sometimes… I want to surround myself with people that make me happy.”

“It depends on the person, but in general,” senior Michelle Nguyen said. “People are more inclined to be socially active. They want to be seen at events, and then post about it for their followers to see.”

If you take anything away from this piece it should be to practice self care and know one’s worth; if spending time alone is appealing, go for it. Make the most of time with people who enrich life. Lastly, embrace the heck out of the joy of missing out and seek out quality people who value friendship.

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