Homecoming: a night to remember

SENIORS have their final dance practice before the homecoming game. Robert Schumacher

Robert Schumacher | Writer

October 1, 2021

Homecoming is by far the largest event San Clemente High School hosts each year. Every aspect of Triton life comes together for the school-wide celebration.  From the parade of sports teams and clubs strolling their way through Del Mar to the spectacular halftime performances from our students, homecoming brings the best out of our school. 

Yet every year, some students refuse to take part, deciding that, for whatever reason, they’re better off not going. This year, however, more than ever, there is a reason to attend.

Unlike past years, the homecoming dance won’t just be the standard piling of students into a gymnasium filled with blaring music and a mosh pit of sweat-soaked teens. This year, the school has decided to host homecoming with a slight twist in line with pandemic safety. The dance will actually be a sort of carnival, with assorted games, rides, and food all arranged outside on the field for students to enjoy on Saturday night. 

Many students are extremely excited about the dance given that, for the past year, they’ve missed out on homecoming and many other school activities as restrictions prevented in-person events. “We didn’t have homecoming my junior year [2020-2021],” senior Nick Humphrey said. “It sucked.” Even recovering from a recent injury, Humphrey, on crutches, stated that he was still attending the dance. “I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to dance, but I’m going to have a good time regardless.”

SOPHOMORES practice their Western themed dance, representing their Texas travel location.  Robert Schumacher

This kind of upbeat attitude sheds light on what homecoming is really about. It’s about having fun with your classmates. It’s about a chance to let loose and take a break from the onslaught of homework and assignments. “It gives you the opportunity to bond with your friends, have new experiences, and make high school memories you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life,” senior Teresa Yubeta, voted one of the Top 5 girls, said.

High school only happens once. Why not take advantage of the opportunities to create memories you’ll cherish forever? This sentiment doesn’t only apply to homecoming–students should take advantage of every facet of Triton life. Join a club. Try out for a sports team. Audition for a musical. So many Tritons miss out on things they would have loved if they just would have taken a chance and tried something new. After a year and a half of a pandemic where sports games were postponed, clubs were shut down, and almost every dance was canceled, SCHS has decided to pour its efforts into making homecoming an amazing night for its students. So let’s make it a night to remember. 

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