Movie Review – Furious 7


By Ily Macpherson | Newspaper Club Writer

May 20, 2015

Depressing and enlightening, but will it be the last goodbye?

The recent release of Furious 7 in theaters on April 3rd portrayed the suspenseful ending to the series of racing movies with the sentimental departure of one of the greatest action movie stars. The Fast and Furious family said their last good byes to the series with the seventh movie, in honor of Paul Walker.

After the death of Paul Walker on November 30th, 2013, the stars of the racing movies strives to finish the project in honor of their beloved costar, friend, and brother. With the help of his twin brother and the editing department, the film was completed with the emotional, symbolic goodbye to their friend. Associated with the hit single “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, and Charlie Puth, the film was finished beautifully, despite some casting struggles.

Following the plot of the previous movies, Furious 7 dwelled on past demons, executing intense action scenes that, some, were only done once. As usual, this movie was action-packed, bullet-riddled, and engine-revved. Yet some dislike the continuation of the series, saying there was no real plot to continue on. Judging by the box office income of the opening weekend, viewers would beg to differ.

After the death of beloved Brian O’Connor, fans of the series believed this to be the final movie in the series to honor the work of their costar. But this may not be true. Rumors of the release of another film in the series, Fast and Furious , have spread like wildfire. With the confirmed announcement by starring actor, Vin Diesel, in an interview, the eighth movie in the series will air in 2017 with Kurt Russell as a supposed costar.

Why though? If the seventh movie was supposed to be in honor of their deceased costar, why would they continue the making of new films? Perhaps it was to continue the legacy Paul Walker left behind by producing more films in his honor. Or perhaps it was to officially kill him off in a new movie, but the news of the release of the eighth movie is definitely a hot topic for Furious fans. On the contrary, the new sequel in the series should continue to be filled with cars, bullets, and more cars.

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