Studying Tips for the End of the Year


By Kian Kiaslaeh  |  Writer

June 5, 2015

As this hectic school year comes to an end, final exams are the only thing that stands between us and summer. Weary from managing multiple class projects and SBAC testing, we barely manage to make it to the next day as we yearn for freedom.

While it might be tempting to succumb to the stress and simply give up, pushing during this final stretch of school will prove to be worth it as you will feel a sense of accomplishment finishing strong. However, no one said it was easy. Whether you are struggling to memorize all the formulas for that dreaded math final or overwhelmed at where to start with studying for the SATs, it is important to follow the certain steps most suitable for you and also have the right mindset.

The following tips should provide you with the necessary advice and motivation for you do your best, or at least manage, comes finals week.

Time management: Pacing is crucial on both preparing for and taking a test. When studying, work for a set amount of time (forty-five to sixty minutes) and then take a break to clear your mind so you are not 635530667297818419971548131_635519181674797029-1635771205_giphy-5overwhelmed with information. When actually taking the test, make sure you get to all the problems. If there is a certain one taking up your time or one that you don’t know how to do, skip it. If that seems to be the case for all of them, make your best guess and move forward. Most importantly, reserve time to study in first place. School often drowns you in assignments take up your time, but make sure to take some time to begin studying. Cramming works for some people, but not all.

Practice: A superficial overview of the material will not be as helpful that working through the math problems or test yourself on the term. Try to simulate the test experience as much as you can during your time of studying so you can find the area in which you are struggling. Practicing is also a way to develop some nifty studying tricks such as homonyms and word association.

“King Philip Orders Fresh Green Salad is a staple for me in memorizing the order of classification for biology,” senior Kush Amin exclaimed.

Taking care of yourself: As much as you think you need to stay up an extra hour to cram in information, it will only do your harm on exam day. Getting that additional sleep (a total of eight hours is ideal) will make you much more prepared to take the exam. If you chose to study, you may know more DkxBxWIinformation, but will risk not performing your best during the finals. A good night’s rest is a vital studying tool as you wake up refreshed the next day. Additionally, a healthy meal goes a long way in providing the necessary brainpower. A small serving of carbohydrates like some pasta, paired with omega 3 in fish and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables will be helpful in doing well on any test. Also, recent studies have shown that dark chocolate provides necessary glucose and antioxidants.

The right attitude: There is no set attitude that one should have going into a test as it truly depends on the person. If you’re generally an anxious person, take some to do some breathing and make yourself calm before the test. While confidence is key, overconfidence is detrimental. The perfect balance rests in feeling prepared, but not think that the test will be a cakewalk.

“I can’t stop shaking before a test,” junior Matt Evans admitted “So I think about taking a sip of a Shirley Temple to relax.”

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